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ASX - Australian Stock Exchange

The Australian Securities Exchange is Australia's primary securities exchange. It was created by the merger of the Australian Stock Exchange and the Sydney Futures Exchange in July 2006. The ASX operates two trading platforms: the cash markets operate on ASX Trade and the derivative markets operate on ASX Trade24.

ASX Trade is the ultra-low latency cash market trading platform based on NASDAQ OMX Genium INET system. The key products traded on ASX trade are:

  • Equities
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Exchange Traded Options
  • Warrants
  • Index Options
  • Interest Rate Securities
  • Australian Government Bonds

ASX Trade24 is the 24 hour trading platform which offers all-day trading in derivative products, including:

  • Futures
  • Options
  • Contracts for Difference (CFDs)
  • covering a wide range of underlying asset classes

ASX Clearing:

ASX Clearing Corporation operates two Clearing Houses as licensed facilities under the Corporations Act. ASX Clear is the central counterparty (CCP) for the trading of shares, warrants and exchange-traded funds traded on ASX Trade or via an Approved Market Operator (AMO).ASX Clear (Futures) is the central counterparty (CCP) for all futures and options products traded on ASX Trade24 and OTC products affirmed on an approved Affirmation platform.

ASX is currently undertaking an upgrade of the ASX Clear (Futures) system with a planned implementation of mid-May 2014. The current system, SECUR, will be replaced with the contemporary equivalent system Genium Clearing.

RJE ASX products:

  • MarketConnect - ASXTrade application program interface(ASXTrade API)
  • MCTradesASX - Equities/Options Trade Capture/Trade Feed (ASXTrade API)
  • ASXOrders - Equities/Options Order Capture/Order Feed (ASXTrade API)
  • MCTradesSFE - Futures Trade Capture/Trade Feed (Genium API)
  • SFEOrders - Futures Order Capture/Order Feed (ASX Trade24 API)
  • SCRUTINY - RJE Scrutiny is a surveillance application that monitors, checks, captures and notifies any irregularities in a firm’s order transactions. RJE developed Scrutiny for the ASX ASXTrade platform, however Scrutiny can be interfaced to any of the exchanges that RJE provides an order capture software product. .

Chi-X Australia

Chi-X Global is driven to be an industry leader in operating trading venues and generating innovative products and services for the benefit of the financial markets and the global trading community. The company believes that competition from technology-driven markets increases overall market volumes and improves investor performance, providing benefits to all participants.

Chi-X Australia offers an alternative to trading on ASX using its low latency, high performance, proven trading system. Chi-X Australia provides innovative new order types, price improvement opportunties, the potential for lower costs and a more efficient way to trade.Chi-X Australia uses the FIX trading engine platform allowing for Equity trading.

RJE Chi-X Australia products:

  • MCTradesCHX - Equities Trade Capture/Trade Feed(FIX)
  • CHXOrders - Equities Order Capture/Order Feed(FIX)[Cross Session Order Management Gateway}

SGX - Singapore Stock Exchange

SGX Derivatives Clearing

SGX-DC uses the SGXClear clearing platform for the clearing of exchange traded products and OTC commodity products. SGXClear is built on the SECURTM clearing solution developed by NASDAQ-OMX. Together with SGX QUEST-DT, SGX electronic derivatives trading solution also developed by NASDAQ-OMX, SGXClear offers SGX-DC Members a common interface for derivatives trading and clearing.

SGX Securities

The SGX Securities Market operates on the REACH platform. SGX REACH is an ultra low-latency trading environment powered by NASDAQ OMX's REACH INET technology. The REACH platform supports over one million messages per second at sub-100 microsecond average speeds. It is the fastest execution platform in the world today. SGX provide 2 alternate methods to access SGX REACH: (1) SGXAccess REACH API and (2) SGXAccess FIX solutions.

SGX Derivatives

The SGX Derivatives Market operates on QUEST-DT platform. QUEST-DT is a trading environment powered by NASDAQ OMX CLICK XT technology. Access to SGX QUEST-DT is via the QUEST-DT API.

RJE SGX Products:

  • MCTradesSGX - Derivatives Trade Capture/Trade Feed (SGXClear API )
  • SGXOrders - Derivatives Order Capture/Order Feed (SGX Quest DT API)
  • SGXaccTrades - Equities Trade Capture/Trade Feed (SGX Reach API)
  • SGXaccOrders - Equities Order Capture/Order Feed Future development (SGX Reach API)

HKEx - Hong Kong Stock Exchange

HKEx is a leading global operator of exchanges and clearing houses based in Hong Kong, Asias premier international financial centre, and one of the worlds largest exchange groups by market capitalisation. HKEx operates the securities and derivatives markets and their related clearing houses and is the frontline regulator of listed companies in Hong Kong.

DCASS - The Derivatives Clearing and Settlement System (DCASS) is the clearing and settlement system for the derivatives products of HKEx.

RJE HKEx Products:

  • MCTradesHK - Derivatives Trade Capture/Trade Feed (DCASS)
  • HKOrders - Derivatives Order Feed/Capture Future development
  • HKETrades - Equities Trade Capture/Trade Feed (FIX5 via Orion Central Gateway)
  • HKEOrders - Equities Order Capture/Order Feed (FIX5 via Orion Central Gateway)

CHXJ - Chi-X Japan

Chi-X Global is driven to be an industry leader in operating trading venues and generating innovative products and services for the benefit of the financial markets and the global trading community. The company believes that competition from technology-driven markets increases overall market volumes and improves investor performance, providing benefits to all participants.

Chi-X Japan operates its PTS exclusively for registered broker-dealers in Japan who are either members of, or have clearing arrangements for settling through, the Japan Securities Clearing Corporation (JSCC).

To connect to the Chi-X Japan PTS as a participant, applicants must meet Chi-X Japan's account opening standards which consider a variety of factors including completion of application documentation, establishment of clearing and settlement arrangements, and demonstration of satisfactory technical, financial and risk management controls.

RJE Chi-X Japan Products:

  • MCTradesCHXJ - Equities Trade Capture/Trade Feed (Drop Copy FIX)
  • MCTradesCHXJ(Orders) - Equities Order Placement and Cancelation(FIX)

TSE - Tokyo Stock Exchange

The Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) is a stock exchange located in Tokyo, Japan. It is the second largest stock exchange in the world by aggregate market capitalization of its listed companies. In July 2012 a planned merger with the Osaka Securities Exchange (OSE) was approved by the Japan Fair Trade Commission. The resulting entity, the Japan Exchange Group (JPX), was launched on January 1, 2013.

RJE TSE Products:

  • MCTradesTSE - Equities Order & Trade Capture/Trade & Order Feed (Arrowhead)

OSE - Osaka Stock Exchange

Osaka Securities Exchange Co., Ltd., OSE) is the second largest securities exchange in Japan, in terms of amount of business handled. The Osaka Securities Exchanges strength is in derivative products and is the leading Derivatives Exchange in Japan. In July 2012 a planned merger with the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) was approved by the Japan Fair Trade Commission.

RJE OSE Products:

  • MCTradesOSE - Derivatives Trade Capture/Trade Feed (replaced by JSCC)
  • OSEOrders - Derivatives Order Capture/Order Feed (OSE J-Gate OMX)

SBI - JapanNext

SBI Japannext Co., Ltd. was established in November 2006 with the support of Japan�s top 4 on-line brokers (SBI Securities, Rakuten Securities, Orix Securities, and Click Securities) to create a full-fledged PTS venue to replicate ECNs (Electronic Connection Networks) in the US, serving as an after-hours market for on-line users.

Today, SBI Japannext is the oldest thriving PTS venue with 21 active members (local and global brokerage houses) in Japan with 4 to 5% market share.

SBI Japannext partnered with NASDAQ OMX to successfully launch a new NASDAQ OMX powered trading system on September 26, 2011.

RJE SBI JapanNext Products:

  • MCTradesSBI - Equities Trade & Order/Capture Feed (Drop Copy FIX)
  • MCTradesSBI(Orders) - Equities Order Placement and Cancelation(FIX)

WEB Client

The WEB client is a WEB interface between the user and the exchange. It provides the user the facility to view and cancel the orders. The web client communicates with the exchange via its MCApplication counterpart via TCP/IP sockets. This document contains both the functional and technical specifications of the web client.

The WEB client can be run on both Linux (CentOS) or Windows. The web interface can be viewed on all platforms including iOS, Android and other mobile OS. It uses PostgreSQL server (Database) and Apache HTTP server (Web). It's built using PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS and PostgreSQL.

RJE Web Client Product:

  • WEB client - Order Viewing/Cancellation applications